Sitting on the west coast of the easternmost Indonesian province of West Palau is Sorong, one of the nation’s fastest growing cities. It’s largely a working town, known for its oil, gas and logging industries; however, just miles offshore is one of South-East Asia’s most beautiful strings of islands. To experience it for yourself, get a fast quote from Air Charter Service to charter a private jet to Sorong.

Sorong sits on the ‘beak’ of the Bird’s Head Peninsula. There isn’t much to do in the city itself; unless you’re visiting for business, it’s likely you’re here for the breathtaking nearby Raja Ampat Islands. Ferries regularly depart from the city’s harbour and head out to this off-grid tropical archipelago of over 1,500 islands located just off Sorong’s coast.

The Raja Ampat Islands are some of the least developed in the country. Jungle-clad islands and islets rise steeply from the crystal-clear sea, which is home to countless fish, turtles and rays along with plenty of shoals and cays that wouldn’t look out of place on the cover of a travel magazine. The islands sit in the Coral Triangle, a marine area that covers a part of the Western Pacific around Indonesia, Malaysia, Papua New Guinea, the Philippines and the Solomon Islands. The hundreds of types of vibrant coral and numerous underwater creatures make this one of the most bio-diverse regions on Earth. It’s no wonder it’s a favourite with advanced divers looking for pristine sites that aren’t at all crowded. A trip here is an adventure like no other.

There are four main islands: Salawait (closest to Sorong), Batanta, Misool and Waigeo – the largest and capital island. Cloaked in forests thriving with endemic wildlife and bird species, Waigeo is one of the only places in the world where you can see the Bird of Paradise – keep an eye out for a tell-tale flash of colour as you follow the network of hiking trails. As well as a coastline stretching over 560 miles, Waigeo has a number of cultural sites and indigenous Maya communities. The remote West Waigeo is the island’s real natural beauty highlight, with its fjord-like coastal landscapes where cliffs rise sharply up from the water and pristine reefs offer fantastic snorkelling opportunities.

Main islands aside, the narrow, jungle-covered Kri (or “Little Mansuar”) is the most visited and home to many dive centres, charming homestays and some fantastic house reefs that can easily be reached right from the shore. Be sure to take a relaxing walk along the island’s north coast at low tide; you can even cross the sandbank over to the larger neighbouring island of Mansuar, but make sure you don’t get caught out by the rising tide on your way back. If you want paradise with a lively undertone, Kri is an ideal choice.

The tiny sand cay of Arborek is loved for its welcoming locals, colourful buildings, sandy beaches, swaying palms and underwater adventure. The island is close to the excellent dive site of Manta Sands, which is fanous for its manta rays – some measuring over five metres wide. If you’d prefer to spend time exploring the jungle and seeking out the islands’ many bird species rather than dipping below the surface of the water, opt to stay on Mansuar itself.

To the west of Mansuar are the Pam (or Fam) Islands, spread out over 57 square miles of the Dampier Strait and known for their spectacular beaches and the much-photographed karst formations of Piaynemo – a dramatic seascape where mushroom-shaped rocks float in sparkling azure waters. A trip to this island wouldn’t be complete without climbing the 340 steps to the lookout for your new profile picture.

The city of Sorong is served by Dominque Edward Osok Airport. If you’re looking to reach the outlying islands, there’s also an airport in Waisai from which you can take a boat to your chosen island. Simply contact our team and we can arrange everything you need to charter a private jet to Sorong.


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