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6 August 2015

1. Nice

Our most popular charter destination sits on the French Riviera, close to the beautiful city of Cannes and within easy reach of Monaco. One of the major draws of Nice is the beautiful landscapes that surround it. Rolling hillsides home to derelict forts, enchanting villas and hidden villages give way to mountains, pebbled beaches and a meandering coastline. If you want to sunbathe we do recommend popping to one of the private beaches as they have often imported a thin layer of sand, or offer plenty of beds allowing you to enjoy the sunshine off the pebbles.

2. Malaga

Second on our list is Malaga, and whilst many shun it as a tourist hotspot, it isn’t just all about the sun and sand, unless that’s exactly what you’re after. Within the city itself you’ll find plenty of historical and cultural attractions. There are also plenty of hiking trails outside the city if you fancy enjoying the beautiful scenery. Of course the beaches are all well looked after and a multitude of lavish hotels continue to spring up on their fringes, perfect for a short relaxing break, indulging in a bit of sun, sand and sea.

3. Palma de Mallorca

On the island of Mallorca we find our third placed entrant, Palm de Mallorca. The only city on the island, it is a hub of activity with plenty of bars and restaurants as well as clubs. However, there is also a beautiful historical centre, here you’ll find the cathedral, an Arab baths and museums, art nouveau buildings and the Museo de Arte Español Contemporáneo. Outside the city centre are the beaches, and there are plenty. Some are busier than others and if you travel during the annual music Festival in July, you’ll find them even busier.

4. Ibiza

Coming in fourth we have Ibiza, the place to party hard with some of the world’s most famous DJs. Famed for its nightlife, Ibiza attracts everyone, including the rich and famous. Here you stand the chance of bumping into a celebrity or two, especially if you’re chartering in and out. Away from the buzzing nightlife you’ll also find quaint villages, beautiful walking trails and quiet sandy coves, but most come for the beaches, shopping and dancing till the break of dawn to the tunes of internationally acclaimed DJs.

5. Cannes

Aside from the annual film festival, Cannes is also popular for its beautiful sandy beaches, high-end boutiques and world class hotels. It is glamourous and sophisticated and offers a chance of spotting a celebrity or two. Within easy reach you’ll find Nice and Monaco, ideal for racing aficionados as well as those looking to explore a little more of the French Riviera. That said, with everything Cannes offers, you can just as easily stay put, soak up the sun and enjoy living the high-life.

So, if you are looking to charter, we can offer charter solutions for practically any request. Why not take a look at our aircraft guide and see how we can help you.

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